Sales Overview

This post will provide you an overview of how the typical Stadium Wrap project gets sold and completed, and what specific responsibilities and tasks are handled by the salesperson.

All Stadium Wrap products are sold through official Stadium Wrap salespeople. You may become a salesperson by clicking HERE.


All Stadium Wrap products have suggested retail prices that are published on the Stadium Wrap site under the Products section, however, these prices may vary based on the particular region of the country. Each salesperson is free to price their product at an amount that best serves the needs of their market.

Wholesale pricing is extended to salespeople. Please request current wholesale pricing by emailing Stadium Wrap at In general, wholesale pricing is approximately half the published suggested retail price.


Target Market

While the Stadium Wrap product can be applied to an unlimited number of markets and groups, it has typically been most successful with high school athletes during their senior season. The product serves as a wonderful reward to the seniors – individuals who have typically been in the program the longest, and are typically the leaders of the team. By limiting the project to seniors, it lowers the overall project cost for the purchasing entity, and it virtually ensures the project will take place again the following season when the juniors move up and assume the position of seniors.


Purchasing Entity

As a salesperson, YOU will be responsible for ordering the actual products from Stadium Wrap, and YOU will be required to pay with a credit card at the time of your order. “Purchasing Entity” refers to the group you are selling to.

Traditionally, Stadium Wrap has been purchased by any number of combinations of schools, booster clubs, and individuals. While a head coach, athletic director, or principal may be the individual giving final approval, a project is typically launched when the parent of a senior athlete gets interested and decides to champion the effort. As a salesperson, it is recommended that you connect with the parent of a senior who is actively involved in their son’s or daughter’s sport or activity. The parent is typically more motivated that anyone to get the Stadium Wrap project off the ground and will help build support and overcome obstacles as you move forward.


Sales Materials

The Stadium Wrap website is designed to explain the product and is a perfect place to start. However, the best sales tool is an actual X-Large Stadium Wrap player banner. You may order sample banners by sending an email to Pricing on sample banners can be seen HERE.

If you would like to use a print piece to promote the product, you may download and print THIS FILE.

You may also contact Stadium Wrap about having custom pieces produced for specific school you are targeting. We are happy to produce such pieces to assist in your sales efforts as long as your request is not made during the peak season (June-September).

Sales Points – Product Quality

  • Premium, heavy vinyl material
  • On-location studio photography
  • Custom graphic design
  • Weatherproof
  • Fully laminated
  • Heat-welded edges
  • Brass grommets on all corners and sides

Sales Points  – Team/Organization

  • Build team and school pride
  • Instantly transform the look of existing facilities
  • Non-invasive installation (basic plastic tie wraps / zip ties are utilized)
  • Product is easy to relocate if needed
  • Materials and lamination give product a 3-year outdoor useful life

Sales Points – Parent/Athlete

  • Banner displays with team mates in stadium but is taken home by individual at end of season
  • Each banner purchase come with FREE access to a MyWrap account and unlimited digital images


 Salesperson Duties

Your duties as a salesperson are as follows:

  1. Generate interest with the buyer.
  2. Determine the scope of the project (approximate number of participants and their sports/activities) and the banner styles (size and selected Design). At this point you are ready to begin a New Job through your salesperson account at To learn more about how to start and manage Job in the system, click HERE.
  3. Determine the desired day and time the photo shoot will take place. You are then responsible collecting images of the participating athletes. If you are a photographer then you can perform this task yourself. If you are not a photographer, you will need to hire one. Hiring a photographer is accomplished through the Job you set up in your account (see above).
  4. Complete all information required by the Job and then submit it as an Order.


Turnaround Times

Within 2 business days after you submit your Order, Stadium Wrap will generate and email you a proof for your project. If you request changes, they will be made and a new proof will be emailed to you. Once a proof is approved, product will deliver to the shipping address you provided with the Order in 7-10 business days.