Why use Stadium Wrap when I can do this myself?

You may feel like you can produce a comparable banner to Stadium Wrap by using your own skills and connections. Fair enough. While this MAY be possible, we believe Stadium Wrap is still your best option. WE WANT YOUR BUSINESS  and here is what we do to earn it:

#1 – Focus

Stadium Wrap has been in the premium stadium banner business since 2006 – we practically created the industry! This niche has always been, and continues to be, our sole focus. We believe we understand every aspect of the banner selling and production process better than anyone else, and that our tools and products reflect this experience.

#2 – Profitability

Sure you could make your own banners, but you can make MORE money, and do less work, if you partner with us. Our entire process is designed to save you time and effort!

#3 – FREE Tools

We have created a number of FREE tools that streamline the management of a job.

  • App – Eliminate paperwork, deciphering handwriting of others, and data entry.
  • Uploader – No more burning and mailing discs!
  • Orders Dashboard – An easy checklist and depository for all info associated to your order!

#4 – Full-Service Graphic Design

Even if you are a competent Photoshop user, the creation of extremely large print files is time consuming. We handle the creation of all print files and offer you a massive collection of original designs to choose from. We also create design proofs ready for you to email to your customer, and will make an unlimited number of revisions until your customer is happy.

#5 – Premium Materials

Stadium Wrap strives to offer the lowest priced banners while simultaneously using the highest grade materials.

  • Premium heavy vinyl
  • Liquid lamination (there are only a handful of machines in the country that can what we do!)
  • Vibrant inks
  • Neat heat-welded edges – never stitched!
  • Brass grommets on all corners AND sides

#6 – Quick Turnaround

Once you approve your design proof, your banners will be ready to ship from our production facility in a lightning fast 3-5 business days!

#7 – Support

Our staff is ready to help you in any way we can! Whether you need to speak to someone on the phone while experiencing a technical emergency at a photo shoot, or you want to visit our headquarters in Jackson, Mississippi and get some one-on-one instruction on photography or sales techniques, or you want us to develop custom marketing pieces for a particular target school – just ask!

#8 – FREE MyWrap

A FREE MyWrap profile is created for each of your customers and allows them to access a variety of custom desktop wallpapers and images for social media.