Spectacular Spring!


We love the Spring semester because of the endless opportunities for Stadium Wrap that emerge from seemingly every corner of the country! Want to feel as excited as us? Here are a few reasons to get amped up about the Spring:

1. New Business

For many of you, Spring is when you explore new business ventures… and we want to be part of those plans! This is the perfect time for us to assist you with everything you need to be successful from custom sample banners and marketing pieces, to one-on-one training in our corporate headquarters. The Spring is great for getting everything fine tuned before you hit the crazy Fall season!

2. Easy Sales

Stadium Wrap projects are easier to sell in the Spring because Spring sports typically have smaller teams. This means fewer seniors, which translates to fewer parents, which leads to faster decisions! (trust us, this is a BIG benefit!)

While no single team may produce a very large project, once you get one on board, it’s easy to add one or two more to build your numbers. For example, baseball teams are great candidates for Stadium Wrap projects. Once the parents of the softball team hear what the baseball team is doing, adding the softball girls to your photo shoot is quick and easy!

3. Table Setting

Hands down the most important aspect of Spring is that it sets the table for the Fall. Everyone loves to land those 80-player monster projects for football season that incorporate football, cheer, dance, band, etc., but rarely do those materialize without some prior exposure to the product. So often that exposure comes from smaller Stadium Wrap projects with the Spring sports teams at that school. The Spring exposure gives the junior athletes, and more importantly their parents, time to plan for larger projects in the Fall.


How can we help you take advantage of Spring? Let us know via email or a phone call! We’re ready to go to work for you!