Who Buys Stadium Wrap?

Parents of senior athletes are the driving force behind most Stadium Wrap projects.

Parents of senior athletes are the driving force behind most Stadium Wrap projects.

A Stadium Wrap project may be purchased by any number of individuals, groups, or organizations. But there is one buyer that dominates all others: PARENTS OF SENIOR ATHLETES!

A common misconception is that a school principal, athletic director, or head coach should first be targeted for a Stadium Wrap project. While these individuals may ultimately play a role in the project, they are almost never the catalyst for getting a project started. That spark typically comes from a senior parent.

Why is this the case?

  1. Stadium Wrap projects tend to include the senior athletes on a team (a way of honoring the individuals who have been in the program the longest).
  2. Parents of seniors know they have only one shot to commemorate this special year and they are willing to work harder than anyone to make it happen.
  3. Principals, athletic directors, and head coaches are all overworked and underpaid and typically aren’t looking for another project to work on. However, they rarely stand in the way of an enthusiastic parent who wants to spearhead a project.
  4. Enthusiastic parents will find a way to fund a project they are excited about.
  5. Enthusiastic parents will band together to create support from the other senior parents (so you don’t have to).

Recommended Technique

This two step process results in more sales than any other approach:

First, identify a parent that: A) has a senior or upcoming senior athlete, and B) is active in supporting the program and/or coach. This parent will be the one that makes the project happen. Establish contact with them.

Next, ask that parent if they would allow you to conduct a photo shoot with their kid for the purposes of creating a sample product you would like to present back to them. Send the resulting photo to Stadium Wrap and we’ll create a fully custom banner featuring that kid’s photos, name, position, and jersey number, as well as school name, colors, and logos. Show this banner to the parent and then pitch them on doing a project for all the seniors.

We want to help you win projects! Let us know about any problems you may be encountering so we can help you break through!