Overview of Photographer Opportunity

What is Stadium Wrap?

Stadium Wrap specializes in making the world’s finest personalized stadium banners. Each banner features studio photography, custom graphic design, and premium materials. The banners are designed to be displayed together to create an amazing visual effect in any sports venue.

How do I make $400 an hour?

On average, Stadium Wrap jobs pay photographers $20 per participant. Utilizing our system of photography, you can easily shoot 20 participants in an hour ($20 x 20 participants = $400). Our App and Uploader eliminate all paperwork and data entry associated with the job. You literally just shoot the photos and then upload them to your profile in our site.

How do I get started?

Simply set up a photographer profile in our system by clicking HERE. It takes 30 seconds, it’s FREE, and there is NO RISK OR COMMITMENT. Once you have established a profile in our system, you will be eligible to receive invites to Stadium Wrap jobs within the geographic area you designate. You are never required to accept a job and may decline any invites you receive.

Can I make more money?

Yes! You may create a photographer profile and wait to be invited to jobs by salesmen, or you may ALSO CREATE a salesman’s profile and handle BOTH the sale and the photography. This is actually the most preferable scenario as you keep control of the project through its duration and you can DOUBLE YOUR PROFIT! There is no risk or commitment to setting up a salesman’s profile. As a salesman you are able to purchase the final banner from Stadium Wrap at wholesale prices and then set the retail price at any amount you choose.