Single Device Mode (No Signal)

The Stadium Wrap app has a special feature that will allow you to operate in environments where you have no signal. This feature is called “Single Device Mode.”

Step #1 – Log into the App Before Leaving Your Office

Always log into the app at your office BEFORE leaving to go on a shoot. This allows the app to sync all your current job data to your device before you potentially lose your signal at the Job site.

Step #2 – Select Single Device Mode

Assume your photo shoot is taking place in a location where you have no signal. When this happens, the app will ask if you want to enter Single Device Mode on the device you are holding. This means this particular device is the ONLY device you may use at the photo shoot, and that it must be passed back and forth between the photographer and Participants as data is entered.




Step #3 – Enter Data Normally

Use the app to collect Participant information the same as usual.

Step #4 – Exit Single Device Mode

Once your photo shoot is complete, tap the “Exit Single Device Mode” button on the app’s home screen. Don’t worry if you forget to do this as the Uploader will display a reminder message when you upload your photos.




Without a signal, the app can not upload data to the Stadium Wrap website. In Single Device Mode, the app collects and stores the data locally on your device and then uploads it when in regains a signal. This prevents you from collecting data via paper forms when operating in an environment without a signal.