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Graphic Banners

Graphic Banners are the perfect complement to our Player Banners! Cover press boxes, scoreboards, railing, fencing, and any other area you would like to brand to your school. Display your school name, logos, slogans, championships, and accomplishments on this dynamic product!



Graphic Banners are constructed from premium vinyl that is beautifully finished with a liquid laminate. The laminate also greatly enhances the banner's durability, scratch resistance, and reduced fading caused by the sun. Edges are heat welded and reinforced with brass grommets. Banners are designed to be displayed indoors or out. Banners have an expected outdoor useful life of 3 years.


Size & Price

Graphic Banners can be designed to fit virtually any size structure, surface, or area. Depending on size, Graphic Banners are produced in panels that are attached together during installation to create the final look. The paneling system reduces cost and simplifies installation.

Contact your local Stadium Wrap salesman for pricing. Click HERE to find a local salesman.



Begin by selecting a style from our Design Library. Our professional graphic artists will then go to work customizing that style with your school name, colors, logos, and slogans. This overall styling will create a wonderful visual continuity throughout your facilities.