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Player Banners

The Player Banner is the product that put Stadium Wrap on the map! Bigger-than-life imagery, professional graphic design, and premium materials will instantly transform any venue!

Banners are ingeniously designed to visually interlock and appear to be a single piece. At the end of the season, all the banners come down and are taken home by the individual participants as the ultimate piece of personalized sports memorabilia!



Player Banners feature professional studio photography of your participants. Photo shoots are efficient and fun and take place on your school's campus. A minimum sized room of 15x15 feet with electricity and WIFI access is required.



Player Banners are constructed from premium materials and are suitable for a full season of outdoor display. Heavy-duty, black-back vinyl finished and protected with POP laminate ensures your banner will look great for a long time. Edges are neatly heat welded and then reinforced with brass grommets on all corners and sides.



Each Player Banner includes custom professional graphic design. Begin by selecting a style from our Design Library and then our artists will customize the style with your school colors, name, slogans, and logo. Many schools choose a new design style every year to give each senior class their own unique look.



Every Player Banner comes with FREE access to a MyWrap account. Here the individual participant can download unlimited digital images and bonus designs. Files include profile pics for use on social networks and smart phones, digital wallpapers for tablets and laptops, and high resolution print files that can be sent to local photo developers. There is something for everyone, all FREE with your Player Banner order!